29.aug.2012 002. Out testing at Lake T.

Also testing at Lake T today is our good friend, Chris Michael Jegteberg, which seems to have found more speed before the National Championship in V-25 this coming weekend. The best of luck, Chris!

Out testing at Lake T.

We´re out testing today at Lake T before the European Championship in GT-30 in Flosta, this weekend, with Jüri Jõul from Estonia. From the left: Juri´s father, Riho Uuring, Odd Arnold Terjesen & Jüri.

28.aug.2012 F2 European Championship.


We would like to congratulate Per Anders Edwardsen for his bronze medal at the F2 European Championship in Auronzo this weekend. On the podium we also got Gold medalist Erik Stärk from Sweden and Silver medalist Malcolm Goodman from the UK. Congratulations, guys!

26.aug.2012 017. Winrace Nostalgia.

YouTube sitt forhåndsvisningsbilde

Another short movie from Nottingham in 1991. We have about 2 hours of film from this race that will be posted over the next couple of months. This is an interview with Guido Bonandrini from Italy. Enjoy!

The youngsters of powerboating.

YouTube sitt forhåndsvisningsbilde

The movie of the UIM 2012 GT-15 World Championship from Östhammar in Sweden. Watch the youngsters of powerboating race for the 2012 Gold Medal. Enjoy!

22.aug.2012 Article about us in Frolendingen.

The local newspper, Frolendingen, wrote a short story about our testing session up at Trevann ahead of Grimstad Powerboat Show. Thanks Øyvind Evensen who took the time to come and write the story. Much appreciated. Read more ›

17.aug.2012 The new GT-30 World Champion!

Photo: Andrei Bassov

We would like to congratulate the new GT-30 World Champion, Anton Wighartson from Sweden with the gold in Finland this weekend. We would also like to congratulate runner-up Douglas Matton, also from Sweden, and third place Jüri Jõul from Finland. Great going, guys!

14.aug.2012 Tons of pictures from GPS.

If you hit up our Facebook-page you´ll find tons and tons of pictures from Grimstad Powerboat Show which were held 6th to 12th of August. Also, please join us in congratulating the all-girl podium in the Norwegian Championship in GT-15 with Michelle Knudsen on top ahead of Veronica Larsen and Henriette Halvorsen. Also, we would like to send our congratulations out to the new World Champions in Thundercat, Roland Sjögren and Erik Stärk from Sweden who won ahead of James Tapp and Murry MacGregor from the UK and Morten Levin and Stellan Persson from Sweden. Congrats y´all!

10.aug.2012 Tore P. Foss and his «living boat».


Photo: Lars Eivind Bones/Dagbladet

Tore P. Foss drove class ON in the early 70′s and he were the best on in the North. He is quite innovative, and today – Dagbladet – brings us the story of him and his wife in their «living-boat».
Check it out!

07.aug.2012 016. Winrace Nostalgia.

YouTube sitt forhåndsvisningsbilde

The Nottingham of 1991 sagas continues. This time with an interview with Wiep Torenvliet from Holland. Enjoy!